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CubeCart CMS Website Development

The collection at the online store selling fitness wear was inspired by the CEO’s vision of making the fitness girl not only comfortable, but also sexy, fashionable, fun and confident. ...Read More

OS Commerce Website Development

An online wholesaler store selling gems and stones to retailers was looking to develop a professional website to boost up its retail business....Read More

E-Commerce Website

The client has been in the business of trading for over 25 years. The company offers clothes, boots, accessories etc. for the horse riders. Equestrian World also stocks brands for skiing....Read More

Wordpress Website Development

A privately held software solutions company from the US was looking for an ideal web development service provider in Bangalore to develop a website to suit their specific requirements. ...Read More

A tourism website is a boon to travelers always. The client wanted to create portal that not only provides its travelers with all kinds of travel services, but also relevant information about the demographics, lifestyle patterns, food habits, sightseeing, shopping, restaurant etiquettes of the different countries also. This helps travelers know a lot about the country and its people before their scheduled travel. The company also prepares detailed itinerates as suited to the needs of the traveler.


The company belongs to the tourism industry, and hence the website should be attractive enough to lure customers. It should be easy to navigate, so that users can easily find what they are searching for. The challenge was to design and develop a complex with better user interactive features.


DART used the WordPress technology to create the CMS website. A large number of graphics and photos have been added to the website to attract visitors. A box that allows one to choose one’s locations, travel dates etc. was added in the website, which gives the various packages available with www. Users can choose from amongst the various available options. The website also provides a lot of information on the country chosen, like, activities to do, sightseeing, shopping etc. The site was developed in WordPress with lot of customization using PHP technology.

DART’s Website Development Services

DART develops websites for small and medium companies. Our areas of expertise are MobileWebsite Development, E-commerce Website Development, and Website Maintenance. Our website technology consists of HTML, CMS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Java. The team focuses on increasing the number of visitors to the websites, developing appealing content and visuals, and improving sales of the company.