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Website Development - HTML, PHP, CSS

Case Studies

CMS Website Development

A tourism website is a boon to travelers always. The client wanted to create portal that not only provides its travelers with all kinds of travel services.

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PHP Website Development

A unique concept was developed to tap the talents of community around a school. This idea brought the UK based client to discuss further about the development of a website around the theme.

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HTML Website Development

There exists a need to find somebody who can provide services like taking care of your pets, watering your plants, doing shopping etc. while you are away on holiday or some other similar events.

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News Feed

A registry of baby sitters will give quick information to parents who look for such help. It would look more useful when we have a review section as well about such providers. A client wanted to maintain such online registry that provides babysitting services out of one such need. It provides membership to consumers who would like to avail services from Baby Sitters Registry across the Unites States of America. The babysitters and nannies need to pass background checks and have parent testimonials credited to their names to get registered.

The website offers employer reviews that potential users can read and then take a decision. The website allows users to look for services in their area by entering their zip code in the search box. The website also provides a comparison chart, where a comparison of the providers has been provided. The potential users can read the review of each provider and visit their website also from the Baby Sitters Registry website. The website provides childcare definitions, parent-babysitter interview checklist, and tips on parenting, and on how to choose the right baby sitter. The website provides many other related articles and FAQs.


The listing of the services and retrieving the accurate data was the prime importance for the client. Further the design needs to reflect the services. The client has identified that linking of large number of webpages with the Baby Sitters Registry website may bring more issues while designing the site. The client emphasized on the fact that the website linking and the navigation panel should be done correctly. The review section needs to be highlighted. The website should also let the consumers know how they can search for services in a particular area. As the website provides the list of service providers, consumers would also like to read about the service providers and make a comparison.


DART used the PHP, HTML, CSS, XML technologies to develop the website. We have provided an easy to understand navigation panel with correct linking to the various webpages and websites. We have added one more section to list out nanny services, pet sitters, tutors, elderly care services, and house cleaning services in that registry in consultation with the client to make the venture more attractive. We have designed the website with colorful visuals and images. The potential users of the website were identified as general users. Hence, we have designed the website in the simplest manner possible, so that users do not get confused.

DART’s Website Development Services

DART develops websites unique to each customer’s requirements. The optimized websites carry attractive visuals, and keyword rich content to attract maximum visitors. DART has expert programmers to develop website using PHP, HTML, CSS, and XML. The website development methodologies which are adopted by DART ensure higher usability and popularity of the website.